Author Visit

When Katy is assigned a history project on World War Two, she moans and groans with the rest of her class. Work? During half term? Simply not fair! But when Katy and her brother wake to find them themselves in 1940s England, school projects are pushed far from their minds.

Can Katy change the course of history and prevent a tragedy in a terrifying air raid? And can Katy and her brother make it back home?’


That is the ‘blurb’ from ’KATY PARKER AND THE HOUSE THAT CRIED’ by Margaret Mulligan who visited Blakehill again on Thursday 25th January 2018.

The novel is a historical time-travel tale and its author has challenged you to write your own!

The story should:

  • Have an element of time-travel.
  • Be at least half set during a famous period in history (from the time of the dinosaurs, through Elizabethan England, even during World War II).
  • Be a maximum of 500 words long.

There will be prizes for the best stories in KS1, Y3-4 & Y5-6.

Your completed story should be returned by Monday 19th February to be passed on to the author herself!

Good luck and enjoy writing!