Art Gallery

In Reception we have been exploring colour mixing. We have used poster paint to create new colours by magic mixing. We picked two primary colours, magic mixed and created a new secondary colour. We printed our findings on paper. Some children then explored mixing with powder paints during free flow.
We have used pastels in Reception to create self portraits. We made careful observations. We looked at our faces in the mirror. We also learned how to blend the colours.
To celebrate Remembrance Day every class in school created their own poppy wave. Each class used a different media to create a wave of poppies. 
We created canvas paintings to celebrate the artists we had been learning about in class.
Art in Year 4...
The children in Year 1 have been investigating colour in their art lessons. This week they have been thinking about their favourite colour and been thinking about things that they might see in their favourite colours. 
Year three have been doing observational drawings of plants using pencil. 
This week in Reception we have been using powder paint to mix new colours.
In Year 2 the children have been doing some Roald Dahl portraits. 
Year 3 have been learning about the work of different artists. 
Year 4 have been learning about sculpture. They have started learning about Andy Goldsworthy.
In year six the children have been learning about Pablo Picasso. 
Year 4 have been learning all about sculpture. They are learning about the artist Andy Goldsworthy. The children have loved getting out in the fresh air and create their masterpieces using natural objects.
Year three have been making tin-foil men.
In year one we have been looking at our class artist, Mondrian. We have learned a little bit about him and his life, created pages to support our learning in our sketchbooks and made 3D Mondrian cubes. 
Year one have been creating winter scenes.