Art at Blakehill

Art Curriculum at Blakehill

Art is highly valued at Blakehill, and pupils are given the opportunity to develop their artistic skills and interests in a variety of different ways.

All children are taught art throughout the school and this is often linked with other topics children are learning about within the curriculum. Teaching and learning is linked with the National Curriculum objectives.

Children explore a wide variety of artistic themes and techniques, including painting, drawing, collage and 3D work. Each year group is allocated a class artist. This artist is studied throughout the year and children learn about their particular skills and inspirations.

All children in Key Stage Two have a sketch book in which to record their learning. These sketch books allow the children to explore and develop their skills.


Art Week

Once a year we hold an Art Week at Blakehill. During this week children focus on developing their artistic skills and knowledge. Each class investigates their class artist and children produce their own pieces of art work which is then displayed in an exhibition to which parents and carers are invited.  


Extra-curricular clubs

The pupils at Blakehill are given the opportunity to attend after school art clubs throughout the year.  During these clubs children have had the chance to explore new skills such as printing, clay work and silk painting. 

Mrs Marsden
Mrs Marsden teaches art at Blakehill Primary School.