Well done Jaya. She has completed level 2 of the reading challenge. Since September, Jaya has read 70 books. 
They did it!
Emily and George have worked really hard to improve their handwriting. They were both delighted today to receive their penmanship awards. 
Well done you two. 
Star of The Week  13.11.17
In this morning's assembly, Mrs Gould decided that we would have two people receiving the Star of The Week award. Mrs Gould gave the award to Emily and Joseph for their creative minds. Both of these children are very creative and stand out for all of their art, music and design skills 
Headteacher's Award 
This week Mrs Keighley gave out a very rare award. Jaya achieved the Headteacher's award. This means that during her time at Blakehill, Jaya has gained 1000 house points.
What an achievement - well done Jaya. 
Top Spellers 13.11.17
Well done to these children who have once again scored full marks in their spelling test. It just goes to show that all of your hard work at home is paying off.
Mrs Gould is really proud of you all. 
Top Table 10.11.17
Well done the children in 6G who sat at the top table for their lunch today. They had been chosen by the lunch time supervisors because their excellent behaviour and super manner had been noticed by all staff at lunch times. Keep it up!
Top Spellers  7.11.17
Well done to the children who received top marks in this week's spelling test. The words were extremely tricky so well done for working hard at home to learn them. 

Times Table Champions


Well done to Dylan, George, Steven, Meghan, Jaya and Eva for becoming times table champions. They can answer any times table question up to 12 x 12

Penmanship Awards
We have been trying very hard with our handwriting. Some of us have started using beautiful, neatly-joined handwriting. We have got our penmanship and we now writing in pen.