At Blakehill we aim to provide all our children with a passion and enjoyment for reading. We do this by teaching phonics from Reception through to Key Stage One and further if required, then moving on to exploring what texts are about in Guided Reading. These Guided Reading sessions in Key Stage Two allow children to ask and answer questions about characters and settings as well as how an author has built a text.

Throughout school, in addition to regular group Guided Reading sessions, children read with an adult regularly and are given daily independent reading time.

Interventions and Extensions.

We monitor children’s progress carefully and organise additional support for groups for children who are finding reading or writing challenging. Some children may receive 1:1 support to develop their personal skills. 

Reading Corners 
Take a look at our fantastic reading areas in our classrooms!
Blakehill Children Love to Read!
Children are very proud to receive their reading awards in Celebration Assembly every Monday!
The Library
Our brand new library was opened by Tom Cleverly and it enabled children to access the library throughout the school day and explore a variety of genres too! 
1W exploring the new library and enjoying a story read by Mrs Wardell!
They even found a clue on the shelf which lead them on a reading treasure hunt around school!
1P love guided reading and discussing the texts they read.
They have also been challenged by ordering story pictures without the text too. They then matched the text to pictures too!
Year 1 parents love to join the children every Wednesday and share a book with them!
Year 2 enjoy their chill out time in the library and love to get their head in a good book!
Year 3 love their discussions during whole class reading sessions with Mr Hodges and enjoy pulling the text apart!
Childrens views of reading at Blakehill! 
Take a look!
Our Favourite Authors at Blakehill
Our Favourite Genres To Read
Our Favourite Reading Materials
KS1 Reading Sessions 
KS2 Reading Sessions
Year 4
The children love spending time in their reading corner and getting their heads in a book of their choice.
Year 5 had a special visit from an author!
Miss Gardner and Mrs Russell held a book fair and sold lots of fiction and non fiction books! It is very successful and lots of children bought some brilliant books!