4H Home learning pictures

Here is what 4H have been up to whilst learning at home
Bonnie has been busy creating and art and keeping healthy on her bike. 
Jasper has been working particularly hard creating Roman projects using his lego. These are really impressive. 
Olivia has worked hard baking, practising telling the time and creating a fantastic project about sun dials. 
Patrick has decided to build a catapult for his project. I think this looks awesome and hope he brings it in to show me when we are book at school !
Oscar has been keeping busy outside and working hard on his reading. He has also been crafting some fantastic pieces of work.  
Evie has been working extremely hard on lots of things including building a road! It is great piece of work.
Evie has been really busy working hard on her writing completing all of the home learning tasks. There are some fantastic sentences with great use of adverbs and conjunctions. She has also created a Roman mosaic which looks great. Keep on working hard!
Zac has been keeping busy and working hard on lots of different tasks including tricky word searches. 
Louis wrote this short and funny story with direct speech in. Well done Louis!
Ava has been working very very hard on her decimals showing great perseverance. She has also made a great poster about the importance of passwords. Well done Ava!
Edward has been working hard at home on lots of different things. To challenge himself he has had a go at his brother's work from secondary school on angles. Great work Edward - keep working hard!