Welcome to 4H
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Key Information 
PE- Outdoor PE takes place every Monday. Children are required to wear long jogging bottoms, a white PE T-shirt and a warm black or blue jumper to keep them warm in the winter months. Children will also need suitable trainers too. Their PE kit should be in school at all times.

Instead of indoor PE, children go swimming in Year 4 on Thursdays. They are required to bring a suitable swimming costume/ pair of shorts and a towel. Children are also encouraged to bring a piece of fruit as a snack for the short journey back from the swimming baths. 

will be swimming for the first half of the year from 5.9.19 – 7.2.20 and will need their swimming kit for 5.9.19. 


In LKS2 children are required to complete their homework. This involves practicing Word Mountains, Kirfs., reading daily and an optional homework project. The children have book to be used at home to help them practise which will be checked weekly. 

 Word Mountains - 

In Years 3 and 4 we complete word mountains every week linked to in class spelling learning which will be tested. Words which are incorrect will be shaded in on your child’s word mountain so that you know which they need to work on. These words will become English homework to practise spelling and use in sentences. Every week your child will move onto the next word mountain regardless of their score the week before so that they are practising a range of spelling rules. Spelling rules will be recapped for children over the course of the year and those who need extra support will receive it then.


Kirfs - these are instant maths facts that children need to know before they move year groups. These are tested weekly on Friday mornings.

A key aspect to these are times tables which can be practised at home, where possible, by using the TT rockstars app or website.
Children are encouraged to focus on their times table facts as they need to be fluent in them up to 12 x 12 by the time they leave Year 4. 


Reading- children are asked to read daily for 20 mins. This is checked everyday in school and children are able to place a sticker on their reading chart if they have read at home to an adult.