Welcome to 3Jo!
Class Teacher: Mrs Johnston
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Pringle
School During COVID19
To try and ensure social distancing we have staggered start times and end times at the moment.
Please drop your child off at school between 8:40 and 8:50am and please pick up your child at 3:10pm.
Please try and stick to these times so we can minimise the risk of COVID19 spreading across bubbles. 
Throughout the day there are opportunities for hand washing and hand sanitising. Children are required to sanitise each time they enter and leave the classroom and before eating. 

 Here is some useful information: 

Home Reading

Each child has a home reading book and record. We have assessed and chosen the level of this book for your child in order to ensure this meets their reading needs. We encourage children to read at home each night.
When your child has read at home, please use their reading record to write a comment, date and sign so that your child can add a sticker on their reading chart. When 35 stickers have been collected, your child will receive a certificate in assembly. 

Please use the document below to help you ask your children questions as they read.


KIRFS are Key Instant Recall Facts which are designed to support the development of mental maths skills. Every week we will test KIRFS in class. Once all the KIRFS have been mastered three times, they will be able to move on to the next stage.

 School uniform

As of September 2020 we have a new school uniform for children in key stage two. If your child’s uniform from last year still has wear left, we will allow a period of transition until January 2021. 


  • Blakehill school tie
  • White shirt
  • Charcoal grey trousers / skirt / dress
  • Charcoal grey shorts / blue and white checked dress (Summer)
  • V-neck navy blue jumper with Blakehill school logo
  • Black shoes
  • Black/white socks or tights
  • Trainers can be worn for PE and at break times. Shoes or pumps should be worn in school at all times. 


PE is taught twice a week. On a Wednesday morning, we have indoor PE and on a Tuesday afternoon we have outdoor PE lessons. Please be aware that where possible, outdoor PE lessons will take place and so your child will need to have a jumper and a warm, waterproof coat for this outdoor session.  

Your child will need: 

Indoor Kit: Children will need black or navy shorts, a white T-shirt and black pumps. 

Outdoor Kit: Long black or blue jogging bottoms, a white PE T-shirt and a warm black or blue jumper to keep them warm in the winter months. Children will also need suitable trainers too.

Their PE kit should be in school at all times.