2S Home Learning Support

*Update 14.7.20*
Hello and please find below this week's White Rose Maths worksheets on Time. There is also a new paper learning pack available for collection at the office if you would like to call in and collect one. As school will be closed over the summer holiday, this will be the last Y2 learning pack. 
If there is anything you would like support with this week please do get in touch. 
Thank you
Mrs Scott
* Update 6.7.20*
Please find this week's White Rose Maths worksheets below. I have also attached the latest school nurse newsletter, which provides useful advice to support children who are anxious and concerned about transitioning back to school. Again, please do get in touch if you need any help. 
Take care and best wishes
Mrs Scott
*Update 29.6.20* 
Hello Everybody
Please find below this week's White Rose maths worksheets, which again are linked to Measure. If you require a paper learning pack please email the school office and we will have one ready for you to collect.
If you would like your child's books from this year, please let us know by 3 July. They will be available for you to collect from the school hall. 
Hope you are all keeping safe and well and once again please do let me know if I can help in any way. 
Take care and best wishes
Mrs Scott
*Update 21.6.20*
Hello 2S
Hope you are all ok, it seems such a long time since we were all together doesn't it? The focus for this week's White Rose Maths is Length and I have attached the worksheets below. There is an alternative pack for Movement. This week I have also included some resources on how to support reading at home, how to plan a child's day and how to help a child learn. I hope you find them useful. As always, please let me know if I can help in any way or if you require a learning pack. Take care everyone, we really miss you in school! 
*Update 14.6.20*
Hello 2S, the focus of this week's White Rose Maths ( Week 8 ) is Shape and you already have the worksheets below. Apologies, I am a week ahead! 
If you haven't already used it, https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/ will provide you with a structured maths programme to follow that is linked to our school curriculum. This, together with regularly practising KIRFs, will provide good coverage for maths home learning. If you need the worksheets printing off then please message me via the school email or eschools and I will have them ready in school for you to collect. 
I know from speaking to parents how difficult it can be to keep children motivated to learn at home, especially after so long away from school and I wish that we could all be together again back at Blakehill. Please just do as much or as little as you are able and if you would like a paper learning pack let me know and I will have one ready for you to collect in school.  
BBC Bitesize and Oak National Academy both provide a full curriculum of online lessons if you are looking for a more structured programme of learning. If not try to include some daily reading, writing and maths and also practising spellings. 
Please also see our Summer 2 Parent Curriculum Overview in the Half Term Plans section of this page to give you an idea of the topic areas that we would have been covering in school. 
I know that lots of you have come up with fun and exciting ways to learn at home and would love to see any photos of what you have been up to. I'll add any that I receive to the bottom of this page. 
If there is anything else you need or I am able to help in any way please do let me know. 
Best wishes
Mrs Scott 
*Update 8.6.20*
Hello and hope everyone is keeping safe and well! 
Please find below the White Rose Maths resources for this week. 
If you would like a paper learning pack please contact me via this website using your child's username and password ( the same one used for logging in to other online resources ) or the school email address. I will then leave it in the main entrance for you to collect. 
*Update 31.5.20*
Please find below White Rose Maths worksheets for this week.
There is also an alternative set of worksheets for anyone who has already completed this work. 
For parents who wish to follow a more structured programme, the Oak National Academy is an online classroom and resource hub which provides high-quality, sequenced video lessons and resources for all areas of the curriculum. 
 If you require any advice or support then please do contact me via this website or using the school office email. 
Thank you
*Update 25.5.20* 
White Rose Worksheets for w/b 25.5.20 provided below. 
*Update 20.5.20*
E-Safety Home Learning 
Thinkuknow have created some great Home Activity Packs to support parents during COVID-19 and the closure of schools. Each fortnight, they release a new pack with simple 15 minute activities you can do with your child to support their online safety at a time when they will spending more time online at home. Please follow the link below to access the packs: 
*Update 18.5.20* 
White Rose Worksheets for w/b 18.5.20 provided below. 
*Update 11.5.20*
Hello Everyone, I hope that you are all keeping safe and well. I just wanted to add a couple of updates that you might find useful. If there is anything that you are struggling with, or need advice with then please do get in touch. Also it would be lovely to see what the children have been up to, so if you are able please do send me any photos. I will then share them with the class on this page. You can contact me via the school office email or by logging in to the school website.  I would welcome your feedback and am happy to provide a more personalised curriculum for any parents that require it. Here are the updates: 
1. Maths - I understand that parents are no longer able to access the worksheets for White Rose Home Learning. School have purchased the subscription and I have attached the worksheets for this week below. I will update the worksheets weekly. This scheme links to the work we would have been doing in class and I know that some parents are using it and finding it helpful. The worksheets support a short daily online activity. 
2. Reading - If you log on to Purple Mash you can access 'Serial Mash,' which is an extensive online library of fiction books, with accompanying quizzes and activities to explore. The Diamonds section is specifically for KS1. The English section also has some great Grammar and Spelling games and there are lots of topic ideas for writing. If you are having difficulties with your log in please let me know. 
Take care and please do let me know if I can help in any way. Hope to see you all soon!
*Update 20th April*
Hello again, if you are looking for more structured daily plans I just wanted to let you know that BBC Bitesize ( https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/dailylessons ) have today started some great daily lessons for each year group for most curriculum areas. Twinkl ( https://www.twinkl.co.uk )also have structured daily plans to follow, besides lots of printable resources. Their Y2 reading comprehension activities are particularly good. For maths I would recommend the White Rose Home Learning at the link below. If I can help in any way at all or you would like to  get in touch please message me via this website or email me at office@blakehill.bradford.sch.uk.
Stay safe and hope to see you all soon!
Update 14th April
Hello everyone. Hope you're all well. In addition to all the things that we have suggested you can do, I have a listening and drawing activity for you to do this week if you'd like to. I've noticed that there are lots of different sounds outside when I've been going on my daily walk. There is hardly any traffic and there are lots of bird sounds. I'd like you to go into your garden and close your eyes and just listen to what you can hear. I'd like you to then draw pictures of all the different things that you can hear. You can colour the pictures and write down what they are. 
If you would like to do some singing this week then you could log on to ' Out of the Ark Music @Home' There are some lovely songs for you to learn on there. 
Missing you all!
* Update 6.4.20*
Hello 2S children and parents, I hope you are all keeping safe and well. There are lots of ideas and free resources available online now to support home learning. Below are some suggestions that may help: 
https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/ This provides a week by week and day by day unit on Fractions to work through. We use the White Rose Scheme in school, but had not yet started this unit. Twinkl also provides a home learning pack that would complement this unit. 
Purple Mash have some good structured Daily Activities that you can work through. You can access these by clicking on 'Weekly Activities' to the right of the Home Page and then working through the set of activities for each day. There are also some great ideas in the 'Staying Healthy' section in the Home Page. 
If your child does any writing activities at home please encourage them to use full stops, capital letters, question marks and exclamation marks correctly. We have also done lots of work on using adjectives to describe and using conjunctions such as 'because' to join ideas in sentences. Children could try retelling a known story but changing one element ( eg setting or main character ) or write non-fiction pieces based on research they have done on the internet, eg animal habitats. 
There are lots of great activities on Purple Mash ( login in your learning pack ) and please keep practising spellings and KIRFs if you can. 
Again, please only do as much as you feel you are able to do. Take care and hope to see you all soon!
Having trouble with something or need a helping hand?
If you are having trouble or need to ask me a question go on the school website. 
In the top right corner it says log in.
Put your user name and password in.
You can send me a message and ask me questions.
You can also send your friends a message too. 



Dear Parents/ Carers

Whilst school is closed we have put together some resources and ideas for the children to do at home. Your child should have received a learning pack, which was available to collect in school from 19.3.20. The pack included your child's login and password, which gives them access to the following websites that we use in school:




  •          www.purplemash.com       Purple Mash


  • Useful websites that do not require a login are 'Dance Mat Typing' (to practise keyboard skills), 'Topmarks' (which has lots of good resources for the children to use) and 'Spelling Play,' which is a good way to reinforce spelling rules.


  • Children should practise KIRFS, Word Mountains and Spelling lists. These are all included in the pack.
  • An exercise book for writing has been included in the pack. Children could retell the story of Jess and the Beanroot or write their own versions of the story. They could also keep a diary of their day or the growth of their sunflower seed, recording how it changes as it grows.


  •  Our next science topic would be 'Animal Habitats' and we would like children to complete a homework project on this topic. As with other homework projects, this could take the form of a model, artwork. writing or research on the internet.


  • Please encourage your child to read every day using books from home.  Your child could complete a book review each week. These are also included in the pack.


  • We have included SATS practise papers if you wish your child to complete these. Some of the questions will be tricky as we haven’t taught the full curriculum yet, so don’t worry if they find these difficult. Let them do as much as they can. SATS papers can be accessed on line if you wish to do more.

We hope that you find these resources useful. Please do as little or as much with your child as you feel you can. Keep checking Marvellous Me for any updates on how you can help your child at home. 

Stay safe and hope to see you all soon

Mrs Scott and Mrs Brook