1W Home Learning Support

1W Home Learning 
Dear Parents/Carers, In light the government's decision to close schools due to COVID 19 please use this page to support your child with their learning at home. 

How can you support your child at home?

Keeping your child's brain active is really important when they are not in school and there are lots of fun ways to learn at the same time too! I am hoping to keep this page updated with lots of fun ways to learn at home with your child. 

Enjoy the tasks as much as you can! Have discussions together about the tasks set and work together to create memories. Make the most of being at home together take part in some creative learning.

Please do not feel you have to complete everything in the pack. I have included some links to educational websites to support your child in their learning too. 

The most important thing is to keep happy, keep smiling and keep yourself fit and healthy!

Take care of one another and see you soon.

Mrs Wardell, Mrs Donohue and Mrs Grattan

English Writing Task

Linking to our homework challenge – Can you write facts about Castles and the people who lived in them?

  • You could even create you very own non-fiction booklet! 
    Remember - It will need:
  • Contents pages
  • Page numbers
  • Heading
  • Photographs/pictures/diagrams
  • Glossary – if you want a challenge!
  • See attached word mat for castle topic words

Writing tips: Capital letters , Finger spaces                             
Joining words: and, but, because   
Punctuation:   . ! ? 

Continue to observe plants throughout spring and summer and recognise different types of plants in the environment.

  • Please continue to care for their broad bean plant by watering it and make sure it has plenty of sunlight. How tall can you grow your broad bean?

Keep a record and send pictures to the school e-mail - office@blakehill.bradford.sch.uk 
We will share it on our class page.

Purple Mash
Purple Mash has a range of resources and activities for your child to eplore.
There is a brilliant section on 'Castles and Knights' for your child to use to support their learning too!
There is also a plant section for your child to deepen their understanding of the topic. They can watch video clips of plants, keep a plant diary and many more activities too.
Oxford Owl
Oxford Owl has opened lots of free reading resources for children to use over the net few weeks. All you need to do is create a free login and search for books for year one children. You can read the ebooks online. There are lots to choose from! If your child reads a book every day it is a great way to keep them engaged in books and will support their reading skills.
Enjoy reading!

History/ Art/ DT: Homework Challenge: 

Why were castles important a long time ago?

Research, investigate and create a homework project about castles.

You can be as creative as you like – booklets, model, poster, sewing, collage – anything that take your fan
Phonics and Reading Activities 
Your child will be sent home with Phase 5 flashcards.

Most of the sounds should be familiar to your child as we have already covered these in our lessons.

Please practise these daily and spot them within books read at home.

  • Encourage your child to share a selection of fiction and non -fiction books identifying the key features in each.
  • www.phonicsplay.co.uk have enabled FREE access for all parents during the Coronavirus pandemic. Please see attached sheet for further information. Children love this resource in school and it supports their learning greatly. Enjoy this resource – it is great!
  • Password details for phonics play

Username: march20

Password: home

RM Maths is a resource that all children are familiar with in school. 
RM maths is a computerised teaching tool to support your child in their learning. The computer will automatically adapt the difficulty of their learning dependent on their individual ability.

20 minutes of RM Maths a day (or more if you prefer) would be a sufficient amount of time to progress your child in their Maths learning. It covers a range of topics too.

TT Rock Stars
This is a timetable resource which supports your child in the mental maths facts. Your child has been given a login and password in their packs to access the resources. Year 1 children need to be focusing on 2x, 5 and 10x timetables.
This resources is engaging for all children and lots of Blakehill children love using this! Year 1 would have been introduced to this in the summer term. We hope your child enjoys their time using this brilliant resource to support them in their maths learning.
Word Mountains: 
Keep busy learning your word mountains at home - Try the next couple of word mountains too.
There are lots of exciting ways to learn your spellings. 
You can: 
  • Write it big, write it small
  • Write them in a tray of sand, rub it out and write it again!
  • Write it using spaghetti
  • Use chalk and write the words on path or on you drive way 
  • Paint the words
  • Write it on the a tray of glitter and shake it to hide it again.
  • Fill up a bottle of rice and had the objects in and write the words you see.
  • Get a grown up to create a word search and search for the words in it and write them down.